(a)   A city officer or employee charged with enforcement of the Codified Ordinances of The City of Springfield, Ohio, may issue a notice of civil offense and civil fine to a person that the city officer or employee reasonably believes has committed a civil offense.
   (b)   A notice of civil offense and civil fine shall:
      (1)   Identify the person being charged if known to the issuing officer or employee;
      (2)   Indicate the offense charged, the civil fine for the offense, and the date, time, and location of the offense charged;
      (3)   State the address to which answers and requests for hearing are to be delivered;
      (4)   Be signed, dated and attested by the issuing officer or employee;
      (5)   Advise the person being charged that:
         a.   An answer to the charge made in the notice must be filed within 15 calendar days of the date of when the notice was mailed or otherwise served;
         b.   The failure to file an answer within 15 calendar days will be considered as an admission to the charge stated in the notice;
         c.   A hearing will be held if requested;
         d.   Failure to appear at a requested hearing will be considered an admission of the civil offense;
         e.   All available collection remedies and costs of collection will be pursued in the event the civil fine and other charges are not timely paid; and
         f.   The civil fine otherwise due may be reduced if the notice is for an offense that is subject to reduction if the offense is corrected within 7 calendar days.
   (c)    The notice of civil offense shall be served upon the person charged by one or more of the following means:
      (1)   By personal delivery to the person charged;
      (2)   By delivery to an adult at the address of the person charged;
      (3)   By posting a copy of the notice in a conspicuous location on the real property where the violation occurred if the real property is owned, occupied, or controlled by the person charged;
      (4)   If the offense relates to a motor vehicle, by posting a copy of the notice on that motor vehicle;
      (5)   By mail addressed to the person charged at an address shown on a public record identifying the person being charged as the owner, occupant or person in control of the real estate, motor vehicle or other property to which the offense relates. If mail service is attempted via mail with a “certificate of mailing” or via certified or registered mail and the mail is not returned by the postal service within 15 calendar days of mailing, the delivery of the notice shall be presumed.