(a)   All work performed under a permit issued by the Chief Building Official shall conform to the approved application, approved diagrams, and approved amendments thereto and all such work shall be performed only by a registered gas piping installer holding a valid gas piping installer’s registration issued under this Chapter.  The gas piping installation permit holder is responsible for scheduling all applicable inspections to identify whether work complies with Gas Piping Code requirements.  No work for which a gas piping installation permit has been issued shall be concealed without prior inspection and/or approval by a City inspector.  The registered gas piping installer shall provide the equipment necessary to test work: to wit, those installations, alterations, replacements and repairs authorized by the gas piping installation permit.  Testing shall be performed in the presence of the City’s inspector and shall be performed with either a Kuhlman gas pressure gage or a Magnehelic gas pressure gage.  In the event test results are obtained with both a Kuhlman gas pressure gage and a Magnehelic gas pressure gage,  the results produced by the Kuhlman gas pressure gage shall govern.
   (b)   No gas line or gas powered appliance shall be put into service until it has first been inspected by a City inspector and has been approved; however, a gas service line and construction related gas powered appliances may be placed in temporary service during construction operations without obtaining an inspection and approval by a City inspector, provided that a gas piping installation permit has been obtained for the gas line.
(Ord. 04-161.  Passed 5-18-04.)