General Provisions; Administration and Enforcement
606.01   Definitions.
606.02   Culpable mental states.
606.03   Classification of offenses.
606.04   Offenses defined.
606.05   Rule of construction.
606.06   Limitation on criminal prosecutions.
606.07   Requirements for criminal liability.
606.08   Organizational criminal liability.
606.09   Personal accountability for organizational conduct.
606.10   Falsification.
606.11   Compounding a crime.
606.12   Failure to report a crime, injury or knowledge of death.
606.13   Failure to aid a law enforcement officer.
606.14   Obstructing official business.
606.15   Obstructing justice.
606.16   Resisting arrest.
606.17   Having an unlawful interest in a public contract.
606.18   Soliciting or receiving improper compensation.
606.19   Dereliction of duty.
606.20   Interfering with civil rights.
606.21   Attempt.
606.22   Complicity.
606.23   Detention of shoplifters, disorderly persons and thieves; arrest without warrant.
606.24   Disposition of property held by Police Division.
606.25   Impersonating an officer.
606.26   Display of law enforcement agency emblem.
606.27   False allegation of peace officer misconduct.
606.28   Refusal to disclose personal information in public place.
606.29   Conspiracy.
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