Each residence, house and building in the Municipality shall be numbered in accordance with the following system:
   (a)   Main Street shall be the dividing line for east and west numbers.
   (b)   Central Avenue shall be the dividing line for north and south numbers.
   (c)   Each block shall be numbered in increments of 100, the first block being numbered from zero through ninety-nine and the second block being numbered from 100 through 199, etc.
   (d)   In the case of apartments, no one-half number shall be given, but the previous number shall be increase by two.
   (e)   In numbering each block, numbers shall be distributed evenly, according to the number of residences, houses or buildings on the block.  For example, three buildings on a block, evenly spaced, would be numbered ten, fifty and ninety. 
   (f)   Numbering, at present, shall end at the corporation limits.  If the corporation limits are extended, numbering shall continue where left off.
   (g)   The east and north sides of streets shall have even numbers.  The west and south sides of streets shall have odd numbers.
      (Ord. 162A.  Passed 9-5-57.)