Ord. No.   Date   Description
278A   9-5-63   Agreement with the Township Trustees for lease of certain premises for an equipment and storage depot.
954   6-3-81   Lease of premises owned by D.L. Barton, for parking purposes.
1026   4-15-82   Approving a lease for parking area for Springboro Park.
91-24   5-2-91   Agreement with Clearcreek Township to construct Fire Station and lease it.
Res.94-67   8-4-94   Extension of lease for 5 years to Frank M. and Anetta M. Sublett for 16 acre tract in Franklin Twp. Sidwell No. 01-27-477-017.
Res.94-100   10-20-94   Amend lease in Res. 94-67 to extend lease for 8 years to 8-21- 2005.
Res.95-5   1-5-95   Terminates lease between City and Astro Enterprises for The Greens Restaurant.
Res.00-82   12-21-00   Authorizes lease agreement with the First United Methodist Church for development of a public parking lot.
Res.01-23   5-3-01   Authorizes lease agreement with the Springboro United Church of Christ for public use of the church parking lot.
Res.02-74   11-7-02   Authorizes the lease of a building and approximately four acres located at the City Wellfield in Carlisle, Ohio to Frank and Anetta Sublett.
Res.03-39   10-2-03   Authorizes the termination of a parking lot lease with the Springboro United Church of Christ.
Res.04-21   5-20-04   Authorizes a lease agreement for the operation of the Four Seasons Car Wash at 360 W. Central Ave.
Res.07-34   7-19-07   Authorizes lease of office space at 425 S. Pioneer Blvd. from Double D Properties, Ltd. for temporary relocation of City administrative services.
Res. 18-24   8-16-18   Authorizing the City Manager to enter into a 99 year lease renewable forever with Mills Barnett Pavilion Inc., for the property owned by the City known as the IGA Site.