(A)   The Board shall appoint a Town Attorney.
(`94 Code, § 2-27)
   (B)   It shall be the duty of the Town Attorney to:
      (1)   Prosecute for and defend suits against the town;
      (2)   Advise the Mayor, Board and Town Manager in regard to matters connected with the town's business;
      (3)   Attend meetings of the Board when requested by it to do so;
      (4)   Draw deeds, contracts, bonds, notes and other legal papers as may be required for the proper conduct of the town's business;
      (5)   Draw all ordinances granting franchises;
      (6)   Approve all ordinances as to form before their introduction; and
      (7)   Perform any additional duties as the Board may require pursuant to the Charter, and other special acts applicable to the town and state statutes.
(`94 Code, § 2-28)
Statutory reference:
   Town Attorney, see G.S. § 160A-173