The Secretary of the Commission shall notify, by mail, not less than one week prior to the meeting at which the matter is to be heard, the owners of property within 100 feet on all sides of the subject property. Applications for certificates of appropriateness shall be acted upon within 90 days after filing, otherwise the application shall be deemed to be approved and a certificate shall be issued. An extension of time may be granted by mutual consent of the Commission and the applicant. As part of the review procedures, the Commission may view the premises and seek the advice of the Department of Cultural Resources or other such expert advice as it may deem necessary under the circumstances. The Commission may hold a public hearing on any application when deemed necessary. The action on an application shall be approval, approval with conditions or denial and the decision of the Commission must be supported by specific findings of fact indicating the extent to which the application is or is not congruous with the special character of the historic district or landmark.
(Ord. passed 3-8-94)