(A)   There is hereby established a Spencer Historic Preservation Commission ("Commission") under the authority of G.S. Ch. 160A, Art. 19, Part 3C.
   (B)   The Commission shall consist of (at least three) members appointed by the Board of Aldermen. All members shall reside within the planning and zoning jurisdiction of Spencer. A majority of the members of the Commission shall have demonstrated special interest, experience, or education in history, architecture, archaeology, or related fields. The Commission shall serve without compensation. The Commission may appoint advisory bodies and committees as appropriate.
   (C)   Members of the Commission shall serve terms of four years. Terms shall be staggered. A member may be reappointed for a second consecutive term, but after two consecutive terms a member shall be ineligible for reappointment until one calendar year has elapsed from the date of the termination of his or her second term.
(Ord. passed 3-8-94)