(A)   It shall be unlawful to advertise or attempt to advertise by marking or painting on any of the streets or sidewalks.
(`94 Code, § 11-1)
   (B)   No person shall post any bills, signs or advertisements on any buildings, fences or other property belonging to another without the consent of the owner thereof.  The consent shall be secured in writing, and the written consent shall be exhibited by the person having the same to any police officer on demand.
(`94 Code, § 11-2)
   (C)   No person shall advertise any article of any kind for sale by crying out the same on the streets or sidewalks.  No person shall advertise any article of any kind or any event of any kind by crying out the same or by using therefor any megaphone, bell, horn or other noise making device on any street or sidewalk.
(`94 Code, § 11-3)  Penalty, see § 10.99
   Parking for primary purpose of advertising prohibited, see § 72.08
Statutory reference:
   Unlawful posting, painting and the like of advertisements generally, see G.S. § 14-145