A.   Temporary Uses; Emergencies: The Chief of Police is hereby granted the authority to permit exceptions or variances to the requirements of the City Code sections set out in subsection C of this Section, only in the case of an emergency or for a period not to exceed eight (8) hours in any seventy two (72) hour period.
   B.   Council Authorization: Any person desiring to park or use a vehicle in violation of the sections of this Code set out in subsection C of this Section other than in those circumstances described in subsection A of this Section may make application to the City Council for authorization to be granted to the Council for the use desired. All such applications shall be in writing, shall contain the name and address of the applicant, shall describe the variance or exception requested, shall indicate the date, time and location for which the exception or variance is requested and shall include a pictorial plat depicting the area and use for which the exception or variance is requested.
Upon review and consideration of an application under this Section, the Council may approve the application by majority vote. The application may be approved upon such conditions or limitations as deemed appropriate by the Council or denied if deemed not in the public interest, as being inconsistent with public safety, or if in violation of any other provision of this Code or applicable State law.
   C.   Exception Or Variance: The provisions of the following numbered sections of the traffic code may be subject to the grant of an exception or variance as described in subsection A or B of this Section:
   7-3-7C   Vehicles On Sidewalks
   7-5-1   Method Of Parking
   7-5-1C   Angle Parking
   7-5-4   Obedience Required
   7-5-5D    All-Night Parking Prohibited
   7-5-5E   Truck Parking
(Ord. 321, 9-3-1985; 1991 Code; Ord. 512, 2-15-1999)