Sec. 4-6. Area limited.
   The Common Council shall not approve any application for a retail license issued pursuant to Sec. 4-8(D)(1 - 5) unless the licensed premises is located in an area described as a commercial area on the city's zoning use and district map. This zoning limitation does not apply to those licenses issued under Sec. 4-8(D)(6).
(Ord. No. 1035, 9-5-06; Ord. 1124, 9-20-10; Ord. No. 1138, 8-25-11; Ord. No. 1157, 7-2-12; Ord. No. 1215, 8-3-15; Ord. No. 1283, 8-6-18)
   Cross reference– Zoning, App. A.