Sec. 17-406. Truck routes.
   (a)   Definition. As used in this section, the word "truck" shall mean and include truck, trailer and semi-trailer.
   (b)   Authority to establish. The common council is hereby authorized to establish truck routes and delivery routes within the corporate limits of the city by resolution upon receiving the recommendation of the public works administrator or his designee.
   (c)   Identification. Truck routes and delivery routes established pursuant to this section shall be identified by signs or markings erected and maintained by the public works administrator.
   (d)   Use required, deviation. When truck routes have been established and identified as provided in this section, any person driving a truck having a total weight of three (3) tons or more shall drive the truck on truck routes and none other except when the truck is making deliveries at which time the truck may use established and identified delivery routes. When using delivery routes the truck shall depart from the truck route upon the delivery route nearest its destination, leave the delivery route by the shortest possible route and make its delivery, return to the delivery route by the shortest possible route and then return to the nearest truck route by means of the nearest possible delivery route. The delivery routes shall at no time be used by through trucks which make no deliveries on the route. A truck may deviate from the established and identified truck route or delivery route for the purpose of towing a disabled or damaged motor vehicle to or from public or private property, and then only such deviation from the nearest truck route or delivery route as is reasonably possible.
   (e)   Exceptions. The provisions of this section shall not apply to emergency vehicles of the police department or fire department, nor to any public utility vehicles, where actually engaged in the performance of emergency duties necessary to be performed by such public departments or public utilities, nor to any vehicle owned by the United States of America, the state or the city.
   (f)   Deviation permits. The public works administrator shall have the authority, for cause or upon request, to issue temporary permits for trucks to operate over routes not established as truck routes or to otherwise deviate from the provisions of this section. Such action by the public works administrator shall be subject to review and modification or cancellation by the common council.
(Ord. No. 644, §§ 23-1801-23-1805, 11-21-88)