A.   All Animals: All animals shall be regulated by Davis County animal control.
   B.   Household Pets: Household pets shall be permitted in any zone provided the number does not exceed the limit as regulated by the current Davis County code or as defined in this code.
   C.   Chicken Regulations: Any number of hens shall be permitted in the agricultural (A), agricultural-aircraft hazard (A-10), residential low (R-L), and residential low-moderate (R-LM) zones, and up to twenty five (25) hens shall be permitted in the residential moderate (R-M) zone subject to the following regulations:
      1.   Chicken pens or coops shall be prohibited within ten feet (10') of the primary structure on the lot and within one foot (1') from side property line. This regulation applies to mobile chicken coops as well as fixed structures.
      2.   Chickens must be kept securely enclosed in a yard or pen at all times.
   D.   Animal Keeping Zones: In any A, A-10 or R-L zone, animals and fowl may be kept for family use outside the dwelling; provided that the provisions of subsection 10-11-3D of this chapter are met and the number of animals or fowl do not exceed the number permitted by the following schedule, except that animals classified as farm industry in the A or A-10 zone shall have no such limitations.
   E.   Points Per Acreage: Each full one-half (1/2) acre of property within the lot, or property within the agricultural (A), agricultural-aircraft hazard (A-10) or residential low (R-L) zones, shall be eligible to contain or house animals rating fifty (50) points.
   F.   Assignment Of Points: Points are assigned to animals grouped as follows:
      1.   Large animals such as horses, cows, llamas, pigs or ostriches, twenty (20) points each.
      2.   Medium animals, such as sheep or goats, but not including pigs, ten (10) points each.
      3.   Small animals, such as geese, rabbits, two (2) points each.
   G.   Roosters: Roosters shall only be permitted in the agricultural (A), agricultural-aircraft hazard (A-10) and residential low (R-L) zones.
   H.   Nuisances: The Davis County animal ordinance shall govern animal nuisances. (Ord. 12-03, 3-27-2012)