General Provisions   1
Administration And Enforcement   2
Planning Commission   3
Appeal Authority   4
Zoning Districts   5
Residential Moderate Density Zone (R-M)   5A
Residential Low-Moderate Density Zone (R-LM)   5B
Residential Multi-Family Seven Zone (R-7) (Rep. by Ord. 2023-02)   5C
Residential Low Density Zone (R-L)   5D
Agricultural Zone (A)   5E
Agricultural-Aircraft Hazard Zone (A-10) (Rep. by Ord. 2021-07, 5-25-2021)   5F
Commercial Zone (C)   5G
Highway-Commercial Zone (C-H)   5H
Transitional Light Industrial Zone (T-1)   5I
Natural Resource Zone (N-R)   5J
Professional Office Zone (P-O)   5K
Light Industrial Zone (L-I)   5L
Commercial Recreation Zone (C-R)   5M
Commercial Overlay Zone (C-O) (Rep. by Ord. 19-15, 9-24-2019)      5N
Business Commerce Zone (B-C)   5O
Residential Patio (R-P)   5P
Natural Resource Excavations   6
Conditional Uses   7
In Home Daycare Centers And Preschools   7A
Service Accessory Uses   7B
Twin Homes   7C
Planned Dwelling Groups   7D
Group Homes   7E
Recreational (Travel Trailer) Vehicle Park   7F
Kennels   7G
Electronic Communication Facilities
And Equipment   7H
Planned Unit Developments (PUD)   7I
Model Homes   7J
Business Uses In Residential And Agricultural Zones   7K
Two-Family Dwellings At A Major Intersection   7L
Off Street Parking And Loading   8
Sign And Lighting Regulations   9
Nonconforming Uses, Structures And Signs   10
Supplementary And Qualifying Regulations   11
Architectural Site Plan Review   12
Industrial Parks; Special Regulations   13
Sensitive Lands Development Regulations   14
Water Efficient Landscape Requirements   15
Drinking Water Source Protection   16
Wind Energy Systems   17
Small Wind Energy Systems   17A
Large Wind Energy Systems   17B
Short-Term Or Vacation Rentals   18
Internal Accessory Dwelling Units   19
Overlay Zones   20
Strategic Growth Overlay Zone   20A