8-1-3: FEES:
   A.   Service Rates And Connection Fees: The rates, penalty fee for delinquency in payment, sign-up fee, after hours service fee, connection fee, shut-off fee for non-payment, tampering fee, reservoir fee, inspection fee and other charges incidental to connection and services from the City water system shall be fixed from time to time by resolution enacted by the City Council. The City Council may from time to time promulgate rules for levying, billing, guaranteeing and collecting charges for water services and all other rules necessary for the management and control of the water system. Rates for services furnished shall be uniform with respect to each class or classes of service established or that may hereafter be established. (Ord. 16-09, 7-26-2016)
   B.   Special Rates: The City Council may from time to time fix by agreement or resolution special rates and conditions for users using exceptionally large amounts of water service or making use of the water system under exceptional circumstances, upon such terms and conditions as they may deem proper. (1989 Code § 14-118)
   C.   Complaints; Corrections: The City Council is hereby constituted as a Board of Equalization of water rates to hear complaints and make corrections of any assessments deemed to be illegal, unequal or unjust. They may, if they see fit, rebate all or any part of the water bill of any indigent person. (1989 Code § 14-119; amd. 1998 Code)