A.   Connection: Any person, other than a subdivider or developer seeking multiple connections, who desires or is required to secure a new connection to the City water system, shall file with the Water Department for each connection a written and signed connection application which is on file in the City office. (1989 Code § 14-113; amd. 1998 Code)
   B.   Connection By Subdividers: Whenever a subdivider or developer desires or is required to install water connections and extensions for a subdivision or development, the subdivider or developer shall enter into a written extension agreement which shall constitute an application for permission to make the extensions and connections and an agreement specifying the terms and conditions under which the water extensions and connections shall be made and the payments that shall be required. (1989 Code § 14-114)
   C.   Service: The current property owner is required to secure water service when such service is available from the City water system by completing the required application/agreement, presenting a legal form of identification (driver's license, passport, tax ID, green card) to the City offices, and paying the associated sign-up or connection fee.
   D.   Invoicing Regulations: The property owner shall be on record as the responsible party. Invoicing for services shall only be issued to the property owner. In the case of a rental, shutoff notices shall only be mailed to the property owner. The property owner may add an additional name, such as the name of the renter, to the invoice; however, the invoice will reflect the property owner's name. (Ord. 16-09, 7-26-2016)