The Utah traffic rules and regulations, title 41, chapter 6 of Utah Code Annotated, is hereby approved and adopted as the traffic code for the city, except as such code may be altered or modified by the ordinances of the city.
   A.   Reasonable Care Required When Driving: It shall be unlawful for any person to drive a vehicle without the care and caution of a reasonable, prudent person under the circumstances then and there existing, or in a manner so as to endanger or likely to endanger any person or property.
   B.   Proper Lookout Required: No person shall drive a motor vehicle within the corporate limits of the city in such a manner so as to endanger lives or property by failing to keep a safe and proper lookout for other traffic, objects or persons. (1989 Code § 11-321)
   C.   Penalty: Any person violating, causing or permitting violation of any provisions of this section shall be punished as provided in Utah Code Annotated section 41-6-12. (1989 Code § 11-321; amd. 1998 Code)