2-1-19: ETHICS:
   A.   Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest.  Officers or employees of the City having a direct or indirect pecuniary interest in any contract entered into by the City shall disclose such interest.  All officers and employees shall comply with applicable provisions of State law regarding ethics, including the Utah Municipal Officers’ and Employees’ Ethics Act, Utah Code Ann. 10-3-1301, et seq., as amended and adopted by the City.
   B.   Personal Use.  Purchase of supplies, services, or equipment by the City for personal use by officers or employees of the City is prohibited.
   C.   Disciplinary Action.  A violation of this section by officers or employees of the City may be cause for disciplinary action up to and including termination, in accordance with the disciplinary procedures set forth in the Personnel Policies and Procedures of the City. (Ord. 2020-01, 4-14-2020)