A.   City employees and officials who have been issued a City purchasing card may use such card for City purchases and are encouraged, whenever possible, to use vendors with whom the City has an existing account.  The card holder must deem that using the purchasing card is in the best interest of the City and would expedite the purchase process.
   B.   All purchases made with City purchasing cards shall require a receipt.  The receipt shall be turned in to the City Treasurer with the purchasing card monthly statement.
   C.   The City Treasurer shall review all purchasing card statements.
   D.   Personal purchases of any type on a City-issued purchasing card are strictly prohibited.
   E.   Each employee who has access to a City purchasing card shall sign a purchasing card use agreement.
   F.   Employees using City purchasing cards shall comply with Section 2-1-19 of this code.  Anyone found in violation of this section may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination and may be subject to prosecution under the law. (Ord. 2020-01, 4-14-2020)