2-1-15: PETTY CASH:
The City shall maintain a petty cash fund in which the total amount of cash, vouchers and receipts shall not exceed $300.  The petty cash fund shall be kept in a locked box maintained by the City Treasurer.  A City employee may receive up to $50 from the petty cash fund for any lawful and necessary expenditure to be made on behalf of the City and shall sign a petty cash voucher showing the amount received and an explanation of the intended use of the money.  Within three business days after making the expenditure, the employee shall return any excess money to the petty cash fund and staple the itemized receipt for the expenditure to the petty cash voucher.  Employees shall not receive any money from the petty cash fund for personal use.  When money in the petty cash fund falls below $100, the City Treasurer shall draft a check to the petty cash fund to raise the amount of currency in the fund to $300. (Ord. 2020-01, 4-14-2020)