A.   The City Council shall approve all procurement by the City. The City’s procurement authority is hereby delegated as provided in this chapter.
   B.   The City Manager shall act as the Chief Procurement Officer.  The Chief Procurement Officer, or designee, shall review all procurements or encumbrances made to ensure accuracy and compliance with this chapter.
   C.   The Chief Procurement Officer or Mayor may sign contracts as specifically authorized in advance by the City Council.
   D.   The Chief Procurement Officer shall be responsible for all purchasing and may delegate the following duties to the Purchasing Agent, who shall be the Finance Director, or to a Department Head as necessary:
      1.   administering and interpreting this chapter in accordance with any applicable federal, state and local laws, and finance department policies and procedures for carrying out the provisions of this chapter;
      2.   procuring or supervising the procurement of all supplies and services needed by the City, including preparation of specifications, and negotiating and obtaining the authorized signatures on procurement contracts and purchase orders;
      3.   exercising general supervision and control over all inventories or supplies of the City and the inspection of and accounting for all such inventories or supplies;
      4.   preparing and maintaining forms and reports as are reasonably necessary to the operation of this chapter and other rules and regulations of the City;
      5.   keeping generally informed of current developments in the field of procurement, including market conditions and new products;
      6.   providing a copy of all contracts and agreements to the City Recorder immediately upon their execution; and
      7.   administering the sale, trade, exchange, or disposal of the City’s surplus personal property. (Ord. 2020-01, 4-14-2020)