There is hereby imposed a fee of $20 for bail processing against any person arrested for violating a bailable municipal offense, or a state or federal law. It shall be a duty of the Police Department to collect the bail processing fee in addition to any bail established by statute or order of the court against any person processed by the Police Department. All bail collected shall remitted on a regular basis to the Village Clerk and deposited in the General Fund of the village.
(Ord. 12-09, passed 7-17-2012)
Statutory reference:
   Municipal bond fees, see ILCS Ch. 65, Act 5, § 1-2-12.1, but ILCS Ch. 65, Act 5, § 1-2-12.1 is is repealed effective January 1, 2023 (P.A. 102-28, Sec. 45).