The Commission shall recommend the boundaries of districts for land use and shall recommend regulations to the corporate authorities for the following:
   (A)   To regulate and limit the height and bulk of buildings hereafter to be erected;
   (B)   To establish, regulate and limit the building or setback lines on or along the street, traffic way, drive, parkway or storm or flood water runoff channel or basin;
   (C)   To regulate and limit the intensity of the use of lot areas and to regulate and determine the area of open spaces, within and surrounding the buildings;
   (D)   To classify, regulate and restrict the location of trades and industries and the location of buildings designed for specified industrial, business, residential and other uses;
   (E)   To divide the entire municipality into districts of such number, shape, area and of such different classes (according to use of land and buildings, height and bulk of buildings, intensity of the use of lot area, area of open spaces or other classification), as may be deemed best suited to carry out the purpose of this section;
   (F)   To fix standards to which buildings or structures therein shall conform;
   (G)   To prohibit uses, buildings or structures incompatible with the character of the districts; and
   (H)   To prevent additions to and alteration or remodeling of existing buildings or structures in such a way as to avoid the restrictions and limitations lawfully imposed under this section.
(1994 Code, § 5-1-8)