§ 110.014 APPEAL.
   (A)   Any person aggrieved by the decision of the Mayor in regard to the denial of an application for a business license, as provided in § 110.004 above, or in connection with the revocation of a license or permit, as provided in § 110.013 above, shall have the right to appeal to the municipality.
   (B)   The appeal shall be taken by filing with the Village Clerk within ten days after notice of a denial of an application or a revocation of a license or permit, a written statement under oath, setting forth specifically the grounds for appeal.
   (C)   The municipality shall thereupon set the time and place for a hearing on the appeal and notice of the hearing shall be given to the applicant or licensee or permittee in the same manner as provided in § 110.013 above. The decision of the municipality on the appeal shall be final.
(1994 Code, § 7-1-14)