The following rules are hereby established for requests for information under the State Freedom of Information Act, being ILCS Ch. 5, Act 140, §§ 1 et seq.:
   (A)   Requests for information must be made in writing on forms provided by the village, and submitted to the office of Freedom of Information Officer;
   (B)   Copies of documents will not be provided before receipt of payment of copying costs and other applicable charges;
   (C)   No copies will be provided without charge of copying costs;
   (D)   Onsite review of records may be made only in the presence of an employee or other representative of the village;
   (E)   The actual cost of retrieval and review, in addition to the cost of reproducing and certification, will be charged for records prepared and/or received before July 1, 1984;
   (F)   The office of the Village Clerk is designated as the retention location for requests for information;
   (G)   The Village Clerk is designated as the Freedom of Information Officer; and
   (H)   Certification of copies of documents will be by request only, and a fee will be charged.
(1994 Code, § 1-4-1) (Ord. 84-08, passed 7-3-1984)