A rezoning which is not initiated by the City may not be reinitiated for a parcel or property for which a rezoning has been considered within the previous year without a majority vote of the City Council. An application for a rezoning not sponsored by the City shall be submitted to the Planning Department and shall include the following:
   A.   A completed application form and owner's affidavit as required by the Planning Department and a statement of the requested zoning. (Ord. 2007-02, 1-16-2007; amd. Ord. 2019-01, 3-5-2019)
   B.   Payment of the application fee set by the City and the cost of the newspaper notice and other notices as required. (Ord. 2007-02, 1-16-2007)
   C.   A Salt Lake County plat of the subject parcel and the acreage and legal description (if required by the Planning Department) of the area to be rezoned and the parcels within three hundred feet (300') of the subject area. (Ord. 2007-02, 1-16-2007; amd. Ord. 2019-01, 3-5-2019)
   D.   A conceptual plan for the area to be rezoned, which shall include the following:
      1.   Conceptual elevations of the type of structure that might be built on the property (excluding proposed lot divisions).
      2.   Photographs, in digital and print form, describing the current state of the property.
      3.   A conceptual access plan including: a) an outline of the subject parcel, possible entrances and exits, and street alignments surrounding the subject parcel drawn on an aerial photograph (in digital and print form), and b) a written analysis of how the access points to the subject parcel would integrate with the City's transportation master plan, including traffic volume estimates assuming the maximum density allowed under the proposed rezoning.
   E.   A listing of names and addresses with two (2) sets of address labels and postage for owners of record at the Salt Lake County Recorder's Office of the subject property and properties within three hundred feet (300') of the subject property as required in section 17.04.060 of this title. (Ord. 2007-02, 1-16-2007)