Nonconforming uses, buildings or structures will, under provisions of this title, be eliminated, safely maintained in their current conditions or otherwise brought into conformance with the provisions of this title. Nonconforming uses, buildings or structures may be continued as follows:
   A.   A nonconforming use may not be expanded into additional building or lot area not originally approved for occupancy of the use.
   B.   A nonconforming use, except for dwellings, may not be continued or resumed if it has been suspended for longer than a full calendar year.
   C.   A nonconforming use may not be substituted by another unlawful use or modified to include other unlawful uses. A nonconforming use may not be intensified or altered without coming into complete compliance with the provisions of this title.
   D.   A nonconforming business use may not be conducted without a city business license which has been approved by the city.
   E.   Construction of a nonconforming building or structure or any building or structure previously approved for a use which has become nonconforming since the building or structure was approved may be completed without interference; provided, that a valid building permit is obtained within one (1) year of site plan approval, and that construction is completed within two (2) years from the time of building permit issuance.
   F.   A nonconforming building or structure may not be expanded, enlarged or structurally altered without complying with the provisions of this title except for alterations or repairs required for compliance with Building and Life Safety Codes or except for interior remodeling which does not constitute an expansion.
   G.   A nonconforming use, building or structure may not be continued if said use, building or structure is declared a nuisance and is detrimental to the public health, safety and welfare.
   H.   Any use, building or structure which was not authorized by or allowed under a previous land use ordinance or amendment or which is illegal under such ordinance shall remain unauthorized and illegal unless expressly permitted under this title. (Ord. 2007-02, 1-16-2007)
   I.   Any nonconforming structure involuntarily demolished or allowed to deteriorate to the extent of no more than fifty percent (50%) of its reasonable replacement value at the time of the damage may be restored or reconstructed and the occupancy or use of such structure may be continued. The City may not prohibit the reconstruction or restoration of a noncomplying structure, or terminate the nonconforming use of a structure, that is involuntarily destroyed in whole or in part due to fire or other calamity, unless the structure or use has been abandoned. Nonconforming single-family dwellings are exempt from these requirements. (Ord. 2017-22, 7-18-2017)