17.04.230: TEMPORARY USES:
"Temporary uses" shall be defined as uses which do not exceed sixty (60) days in duration and which do not require permanent structures or improvements which are not already established with an approved permanent use. Such uses may include, but are not limited to, shaved ice kiosks, Christmas tree lots, fireworks stands, revivals and carnivals. A temporary use shall not cause or create a nuisance or hazard and shall conform to all requirements of this title. Uses which exceed sixty (60) days in duration or are not similar to those listed above may only be authorized with a conditional use permit which need not be renewed in the future; provided, that all conditions continue to be met and no hazards or nuisances have been created as a result of the use. All trash will be removed and the property will be restored to a clean condition after the temporary use has been terminated. Temporary uses shall obtain and/or provide the following:
   A.   A City business license for commercial uses.
   B.   Building or electrical permit (if necessary).
   C.   Hours of operation.
   D.   Salt Lake Valley Health Department approval.
   E.   Plot plan showing the location of the use, buildings and structures, setbacks, parking, access to public streets and adjacent uses.
   F.   Mass gathering permit (if necessary).
   G.   Property owner's authorization. (Ord. 2007-02, 1-16-2007)