17.04.060: PUBLIC NOTICES:
The following regulations shall apply in providing public notices: (Ord. 2007-20, 12-18-2007)
   A.   Required Notice: The City Council, the Planning Commission, or an Appeal and Variance Hearing Officer shall schedule and hold any statutorily required public hearing or public meeting according to the provisions of this title and State law. The City shall provide notice of the date, place, and time of public hearings or public meetings at least ten (10) days before the date of the public hearing or public meeting, or such lesser or greater time as provided by State Statute or City ordinance, by: 1) posting notice of the hearing or meeting on the City's website and publishing notice of the hearing or meeting in a newspaper of general circulation in the City, if one is available; and 2) by giving mailed written notice of the hearing to each affected entity. The City shall provide a copy of each staff report pertaining to a land use applicant to that applicant at least three (3) business days prior to the public hearing or public meeting. If notice given under authority of this subsection is not challenged in accordance with applicable appeal procedures within thirty (30) days from the date of the public hearing or public meeting for which the notice was given, the notice is considered adequate and proper. The notice required by this subsection may be referred to in this title as "required notice". Each applicant shall pay the costs of required notice for his or her application. (Ord. 2016-19, 8-2-2016)
   B.   Requirements For Notification: All applicants, except those applying for development ordinance text amendments, shall submit to the City at such time as directed by the Planning Department, a VAST list, two (2) sets of printed address labels, and two (2) sets of postage for all property owners of record of the subject property and properties within three hundred feet (300') of the boundary of the subject property as evidenced by the current records of the Salt Lake County Recorder's Office. It shall be the applicant's sole responsibility to ensure that the list of property owners and the address labels are accurate and complete. Subject to the limitations set forth herein, the City shall provide notice using the address labels and postage provided by the applicant. (Ord. 2007-20, 12-18-2007; amd. Ord. 2019-01, 3-5-2019)
   C.   Posting On Site: Applicants applying for future land use map amendments and rezoning of property shall, in addition to the above requirements, post notification of the proposed land use change and/or rezoning on the site as directed by the City of South Jordan. (Ord. 2007-20, 12-18-2007)