This title and the zoning map are adopted to facilitate the following purposes:
   A.   To encourage orderly growth and development.
   B.   To protect the health, safety and welfare of residents, business and property owners.
   C.   To maintain or improve property values.
   D.   To improve and enhance the quality of life.
   E.   To reduce traffic congestion and hazards.
   F.   To provide adequate light and space and minimize the crowding of land.
   G.   To improve security and living environment.
   H.   To promote economic development and the economic health of the city and its inhabitants.
   I.   To promote a wholesome, sustainable and attractive city.
   J.   To further the goals of the general plan.
   K.   To protect and preserve community values and identity.
   L.   To encourage land uses which are compatible with the rural character of the city.
   M.   To protect urban and nonurban development. (Ord. 2007-02, 1-16-2007)