A.   Real property may be dedicated to the city of South Jordan; however, prior to the acceptance of the dedication of any real property, the city will weigh the public trust, land use effects, fiscal impacts, mitigating measures, and the public benefit provided by the proposed dedication to determine whether or not such dedication should be accepted, based on the following criteria:
      1.   Protection of the public trust: Providing for circulation, access, utilities, light, air, open space and views.
      2.   Provision of public benefit: Providing a long term benefit for the general public.
      3.   Protection from adverse land use effects: Assurances that the project developed is consistent with city policies, codes and statutes.
      4.   Protection from adverse financial impacts on the city: Assurances that such dedication will not produce an unfair financial impact on the general public for its maintenance and assurance that the general public benefits exceed any impacts.
   B.   The requirements of subsection A of this section are applicable to any and all developments in any and all zones in the city. (Ord. 2007-01, 1-16-2007)