16.04.360: INSPECTION:
   A.   Construction work involving the installation of public improvements in subdivisions and other developments shall be subject to inspection by the City Engineer as follows:
      1.   Daily inspection shall be required on the following types of work:
         a.   Laying of street surfacing;
         b.   Placing of concrete for curb and gutter, sidewalks and other structures; and
         c.   Laying of drainage pipe, water pipe, valves, hydrants and testing.
      2.   Periodic inspections shall be required on the following:
         a.   Street grading and gravel base;
         b.   Excavations for curb, gutter and sidewalks; and
         c.   Excavations for structures.
      3.   Periodic inspections shall be made for weeds and debris. Prior to and during construction of the subdivision and until the improvement guarantee is one hundred percent (100%) released by the City, the developer shall cut weeds on and remove waste from the property and adjoining park strips, streets and sidewalks.
   B.   Requests for inspections shall be made to the City Engineer by the person responsible for the construction. Requests for inspection on work shall be made one working day prior to the commencement of the work. Inspections shall be made by the City Engineer after various phases of the construction work are completed. Any faulty or defective work shall be corrected by the developer or developer's contractor within a period of thirty (30) days from the date of the City Engineer's written notification to the developer that correction of the faulty or defective work is required. (Ord. 2007-01, 1-16-2007)