The following requirements pertain to improvement warranties:
   A.   The warranty guarantee for the warranty of the improvements installed shall be provided at the acceptance of the installation of the improvements in a form and substance approved by the City Engineer and City Attorney. The warranty guarantee shall be provided prior to acceptance of the required improvements and shall be in an amount of ten percent (10%) of the improvement guarantee, this amount may be increased or decreased by the City Engineer as warranted.
   B.   The warranty period for public improvements shall commence on the date that all City required improvements associated with the development have been completed to the satisfaction of the City Engineer and a final inspection, including submittal of approved as built drawings, thereof has been made approving and accepting the same. The warranty period shall commence at that date and shall continue for a maximum period as required by State Statute at the time of project vesting for all improvements. If any deficiencies in materials or workmanship are found by the City during the warranty period, the developer shall promptly resolve such defects or deficiencies and request the City Engineer to reinspect the improvements. At the end of the warranty period, the developer shall request the City Engineer to make a final warranty period inspection of all improvements. If there are any material or workmanship deficiencies found during the warranty period the City Engineer may require the warranty period to be extended as he/she deems necessary to ensure that the improvements are found to have no material or workmanship deficiencies. This warranty extension if required by the City Engineer shall not exceed the State Statute at the time of extension. Once the City Engineer verifies that the improvements are acceptable, the City Engineer shall release the balance of the security posted by the developer under the agreement. (Ord. 2009-04, 6-2-2009)