A.   Standards are set forth for the purpose of standardizing the drawings and to obtain uniformity in appearance, clarity, size and reproduction. Seven (7) copies of construction plans shall be submitted to the City Engineer for review, one set at the completion of the review will be returned to the developer/engineer with redlines for corrections and revisions. After corrections and revisions by the developer/engineer are completed, the developer/engineer shall resubmit seven (7) sets for final review by the City Engineer. If all corrections are not made upon review of the developer's/engineer's second submittal, the developer/engineer may be required to submit for additional reviews with the required number of plans as outlined above. Upon approval of the construction plans by the City Engineer, the developer/engineer shall submit one set for signature by the City Engineer. The City Engineer will sign all sheets of the construction plans. The developer/engineer shall take the approved and City Engineer signed construction plans and provide the City Engineer with two (2) signed sets of full size drawings and two (2) signed sets of eleven inch by seventeen inch (11" x 17") drawings. All drawings and/or prints shall be clear and legible and conform to good engineering and drafting practice. Size of drawings shall be twenty four inches by thirty six inches (24" x 36") or twenty two inches by thirty four inches (22" x 34") (trimline) with one-half inch (0.5") border on top, bottom and right sides, left side one and one-half inches (1.5"). The plans shall include the following information:
      1.   North arrow (plan).
      2.   Elevations referenced to USGS datum.
      3.   Stationing and elevations for profiles.
      4.   Title block located in lower right corner of sheet to include:
         a.   The project title (subdivision, SRD, condominium, etc.),
         b.   The specific type and location of work, and
         c.   The name of the engineer or firm preparing drawings, including a license number. A Utah professional engineer's stamp and signature shall be required on all construction plans.
      5.   Scale one inch equals twenty feet (1" = 20'), or one inch equals forty feet (1" = 40') horizontally; one inch equals two feet (1" = 2') or four feet (4') vertically.
      6.   Plan view and profiles for curb and gutter plans for each side of the street, with or without, street centerline profiles and top of curb elevations with curve data for all curb returns.
      7.   Size and location of culinary water lateral mains, meters, valves and hydrants (these plans to be finalized by the City Engineer).
      8.   Type of pipe.
      9.   Size and location of secondary lateral mains, valves, fittings, etc.
      10.   Size and location of sewer, storm drains, subdrains and their manhole cleanouts.
      11.   Size and location of all required irrigation piping and improvements, including any data required by the City Engineer regarding the flow and outfall of affected irrigation water.
   B.   As needed, each set of plans shall be accompanied by a separate sheet of details for structures which are to be constructed. All structures shall be designed in accordance with minimum requirements established by City standards. (Ord. 2009-04, 6-2-2009)