The City Council shall adopt by ordinance standards and specifications for design and construction of street and bridge improvements, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, water distribution systems, sewage disposal facilities, storm and subsurface drainage, flood control facilities and all other public improvements that are recommended to it by the City Engineer. The City Council shall adopt standards and specifications for design, construction and inspection of all on site private accesses, driveways, parking areas, storm drainage facilities, fire hydrants, water distribution facilities and other improvements which are intended to serve or be accessible to the public or multiple owners or occupants shall be approved by the City Engineer. Standards for fire hydrants shall meet the requirements of any Federal, State and local governmental entities having jurisdiction over the same. The City Council has, by resolution, adopted the APWA standards which may be amended from time to time. All public and private improvements as stated above shall be designed and installed in accordance with the City standards and specifications, the requirements of the City Engineer and all other applicable City ordinances and regulations. (Ord. 2017-11, 3-21-2017)