The developer shall incorporate into development design and implement the following requirements pertaining to stormwater drainage:
   A.   The developer shall construct and install a stormwater drainage system within the development which shall be constructed of materials and according to City specifications and the requirements of the City's master storm drainage plan.
   B.   The developer shall dedicate a right-of-way of fifteen feet (15') in width, or greater as required by the City Engineer, for storm drainage conforming substantially with the lines of any natural watercourse or channel, stream, creek, irrigation ditch or floodplain that enters or traverses the development as determined by Salt Lake County flood control or the City Engineer. The developer shall also dedicate rights-of-way for any pipe, conduit, channel and retention or detention area as approved by the City Engineer.
   C.   The stormwater drainage system for the development shall be connected to an approved off site storm drain or facility acceptable to the City.
   D.   The developer shall provide storm drain, cross gutters, dipstone inlets, and other appurtenant structures (within the limits of the project) as required to adequately dispose of stormwaters, the 10-year frequency storm flows developed within the limits of the development and the existing flows entering the proposed development from adjacent properties. (Ord. 2018-07, 5-15-2018)