No tract or plot of land shall be divided, subdivided, reconfigured, developed, or redeveloped except in conformance with provisions of this title and the land use ordinance. No plat, condominium, subdivision, subdivision amendment, or reconfiguring of property shall be recorded except in accordance with City approval under the provisions of this title and the land use ordinance. All licenses, permits, agreements, and plans issued or approved by the City shall comply with all requirements and standards of City ordinances. All subdivisions, condominiums, site plans, SRDs, construction, and infrastructure shall be designed and constructed in conformance with City ordinances and requirements. All uses shall be conducted in conformance with City ordinances, approved plans and requirements. Land shall not be transferred, sold or offered for sale prior to recording the subject plat or until all requirements of this title for subdivisions, condominiums or other developments are met. (Ord. 2013-01, 4-16-2013)