A.   Maintenance Of Connected Facilities: All users of water service shall be required to keep their sprinklers, faucets, valves, hoses and all apparatus connected to the water system in good condition at their own expense and all waterways closed when not in use. When it shall be found that any fixture on the user's premises is broken or not in serviceable condition, the user shall be notified at once of the fact and should said user fail to remedy the defect within thirty (30) days, water service shall be discontinued until such apparatus has been inspected by the water superintendent or his or her agent and determined to be in a serviceable condition. Any deposit or prepaid charges on the account of such user shall be forfeited to the city as an inspection and handling fee. After inspection and approval of any required repairs by the public services department, service may be restored pursuant to conditions of this chapter. No charge shall be made for a billing period if water service is discontinued during every day of such billing period.
   B.   Service Interruption: If the water superintendent shall determine that a user engages in practices which result in the needless waste of a significant amount of water, and continues to do so after reasonable notice to discontinue said wastefulness has been given, the city may interrupt water service for up to twenty four (24) hours per act of waste. Notice of an interruption made hereunder shall be given at least one day prior to the time at which the interruption occurs. It is a waste of water to permit water to run without making due efforts to conserve the water.
   C.   City Council Action: When referred to the city council, the city council may consider discontinuing permanently the water service to a wasteful user. If the city council elects to consider the matter of discontinuance, it shall give notice to the water user of the intention to discontinue his or her water service at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting of the city council at which such discontinuance is to be considered. The notice shall inform the user of the time and place of the meeting and of the charges which led to the consideration of discontinuance. Said water user shall have opportunity to appear with or without counsel and present his or her reasons why the water service should not be discontinued. Upon hearing, the city council shall notify said user in writing of its determination and if the determination is to discontinue the user's water service, it shall notify said user of the period during which the service will remain discontinued. (Ord. 2000-28)