A.   The city council may by resolution set the amount of the following:
      1.   The base rate service charge;
      2.   Water rate charges exceeding base rates;
      3.   Hookup fees;
      4.   Fee for turning water service on;
      5.   Fee for turning water service off;
      6.   Water service deposits (as described in subsection 13.04.050F of this chapter);
      7.   Fee for use of water from hydrants pursuant to section 13.04.330 of this chapter;
      8.   Late fees;
      9.   Account transfer fees;
      10.   Account set up fees;
      11.   Meter test fees;
      12.   Construction water charges;
      13.   Hydrant use charges.
   B.   The city council shall also determine the duration of the billing period and may change the amounts of the charges or the duration of the billing period from time to time. (Ord. 2000-28)