For purposes of this chapter:
BASE RATE: The minimum charge per billing period for water service to a user as set by the city council by resolution.
   BILLING PERIOD: The calendar accounting unit for which charges are assessed and imposed for water service.
   CITY: South Jordan City.
   CITY COUNCIL: The city council of South Jordan City.
   CONNECTION: Refers to the act of linking the service pipe of a house, building or other property to the city water system, and also the physical apparatus by which such linking is accomplished.
   SERVICE PIPE: The water line connecting the plumbing system of a house, building or other property to the city water system.
   SUBDIVIDER: A person or entity who divides a tract of land into two (2) or more lots for sale as residential property.
   SUBDIVISION: A tract of land divided by a subdivider, or any lot or lots or tract of real property on which any building is or will be built.
   USER: A person or entity who utilizes the water system of the city for any purpose.
   WATER SERVICE: The provision of water by means of the water system such that water flows through a plumbing system connected to the water system.
   WATER SYSTEM: Includes the pipes, water mains, meters, valves, reservoirs, tanks, wells, springs, sources, pumps and all other property and equipment owned by the city and through or from which water flows. (Ord. 2000-28)