Under the direction and supervision of the public services director, the street department shall:
   A.   Comply with and enforce the provisions of this chapter and any other ordinance which shall relate to the maintenance of streets, culverts, ditches, curbs, gutters, sidewalks or any other public ways.
   B.   Supervise, inspect and control the construction, maintenance and/or repair of all streets, sidewalks, bridges, curbs, gutters, culverts, drains, waterways and any other public ways within the city completed by city work forces.
   C.   Repair, or cause to be repaired, all defects coming to the department's attention and take reasonable cautions to protect the public from any such defects on streets or public ways pending repair. The department shall keep a record of and promptly investigate all complaints of defective streets, sidewalks or other public ways and shall record action taken to remedy such complaints. (Ord. 2011-08, 4-5-2011)