10.04.020: DEFINITIONS:
For purposes of this title, the following words shall have the meaning described below:
   PARK: Causing a vehicle to stand unattended for any amount of time or to stand attended for five (5) minutes within thirty feet (30') of the same point, or to permit a vehicle so to stand when it is within one's power to prevent it from so standing. In determining whether a vehicle is parked, it is immaterial whether or not its motor is running. A vehicle is attended when its driver is inside it or within twenty feet (20') of it.
   PUBLIC LANE: A twenty foot (20') dedicated right of way to the city with sixteen feet (16') of approved asphalt or concrete road surface.
   PUBLIC STREET: Any street, road, public lane or public way, title to which is held by the city in fee or as a right of way, and which is used for vehicular traffic.
   TRUCK: A privately owned motor vehicle licensed for more than eighteen thousand (18,000) pounds gross weight or with a rated capacity of two (2) tons or more, or having a total length in excess of twenty four feet (24'). "Truck" also means any vehicle carrying more than one hundred (100) gallons of flammable liquid or more than five (5) pounds of dynamite or other explosive of comparable blasting power, or more than fifty (50) gallons or fifty (50) pounds of highly corrosive freight. In determining the total gross weight or total length set forth in this definition, the length shall be measured from the most forward point of the vehicle or its load, and the length or weight of a trailer connected or attached to or in tandem with the motor vehicle shall be included. (Ord. 2015-03, 4-7-2015)