A.   Except for lawful disposal of solid waste in containers serviced by a licensed commercial hauler or a licensed private hauler, it is unlawful to place solid waste in any location in the City (with or without the permission of the owner or occupier thereof) except at a solid waste management facility, at a transfer station, or in containers owned, operated, or serviced by the City or by Trans-Jordan Landfill.
   B.   It is unlawful to do any of the following:
      1.   To place solid waste in a container owned, leased, rented or controlled by another without the consent of the person who owns, leases, rents or controls the container.
      2.   To place any materials in a container owned or serviced by the City which law or the City's rules prohibit from being received by or deposited at a transfer station or solid waste management facility owned or operated by the City or the Trans-Jordan Landfill. (Ord. 2017-14, 6-20-2017)