7.01.050: UNLAWFUL ACTS:
It shall be unlawful for a person:
   A.   To use the public streets or other Municipal property to collect, transport, remove, dispose of or deposit solid waste in any manner contrary to the provisions of this title.
   B.   To tamper or permit an animal under the control of a person to tamper with any City owned container or its contents, or to tamper with any other solid waste container.
   C.   To set fire, except when authorized by the City or by law, to solid waste on a public street, on City property, in any solid waste container, or within any solid waste management facility.
   D.   To maintain (or cause to be maintained) containers or container storage areas in an unsanitary condition.
   E.   To do any act prohibited or fail to do any act required by this title.
   F.   To transport solid waste over the public streets of the City without sufficient restraint or cover that prevents the solid waste from escaping from vehicles or containers onto the public streets.
   G.   To place for collection by the City any material that is not "solid waste", as defined herein, or that is prohibited from collection by the terms of this title.
   H.   To place a solid waste container on any sidewalk, roadway, alleyway, or parking lot so as to impede pedestrian movement or vehicle traffic. The Public Works Director may make exceptions for the City Neighborhood Dumpster Program or in other instances where he or she finds that granting an exception is in the best interest of the City and would not harm public health, safety, welfare.
   I.   To dump solid waste in a landfill, which is of a type prohibited from deposit in a landfill, or in an unapproved location within a landfill.
   J.   To engage in residential collection. This provision does not apply to the City, a commercial hauler contracted by the City to engage in residential collection, or to a private hauler.
   K.   To act as a commercial hauler without a license therefor.
   L.   To knowingly file a false or inaccurate report of gross revenues with the City Treasurer.
   M.   For the owner of a structure, which does not qualify to receive residential collection service, to fail or refuse to contract for sufficient service from a licensed commercial hauler to remove all solid waste generated at the structure with respect to which he or she is an owner. This subsection does not apply if the owner is a licensed private hauler.
   N.   For the owner of a structure receiving service from a commercial hauler to fail or refuse to maintain the site of the solid waste container in a reasonably clean condition.
   O.   To park a vehicle upon a public street in a manner that interferes with curbside collection during the hours that curbside collection is scheduled on the public street. (Ord. 2017-14, 6-20-2017)