The city council may convene and conduct electronic meetings (hereinafter "e-meetings"). E-meetings include all meetings where at least one city council member participates in the meeting electronically. Regular, special, or emergency city council meetings may be held as e-meetings, as determined by the city council, consistent with this chapter.
   A.   Anchor Location Established:
      1.   The city's anchor location for an e-meeting is 1600 West Towne Center Drive, South Jordan City, Utah.
      2.   In the event the city's regularly designated anchor location is unavailable due to a disaster or other circumstances which make using that anchor location reasonably impractical, the city council may, at the beginning of an e-meeting, designate an alternative anchor location.
      3.   At least one council member shall be physically present for the e-meeting at the anchor location. Space and facilities shall be provided at the anchor location so that interested persons may attend, monitor, and participate in the open portions of the e-meeting.
   B.   Notice Requirements:
      1.   Unless otherwise provided in this chapter, the public notice provided for an e-meeting shall be the same notice as required for regular, special, or emergency meetings of the city council that are held where no council member attends electronically.
      2.   Notice that an e-meeting will be held shall be given to council members at least twenty four (24) hours before the meeting and shall describe how council members participating electronically will be connected to the e-meeting.
   C.   Procedure:
      1.   Unless otherwise provided in this chapter, the procedures to be followed in the e-meeting shall be the same as those followed in meetings of the city council that are not held electronically.
      2.   Prior to commencing the e-meeting, an electronic link shall be established between all city council participants and the anchor location. Council members shall disclose on the record any individual that is present with them at the location from which they are participating in the e-meeting.
      3.   Unless the e-meeting has been approved by prior city council action, at the beginning of the e-meeting the city council shall vote whether or not to hold the e-meeting permitting the electronic appearance of council member(s).
      4.   Minutes shall be kept for the e-meeting in accordance with the requirements of the Utah open and public meetings act. Following passage of a motion to adjourn, the electronic link shall be terminated. (Ord. 2013-03, 4-2-2013)