2.04.040: VOTING:
   A.   Number Required: The minimum number of "yes" votes required to pass any ordinance or resolution, or to take any action by the city council, unless otherwise prescribed by law, shall be a majority of the members of the quorum, but shall never be less than three (3). Any ordinance, resolution or motion of the city council having fewer favorable votes than required herein shall be deemed defeated and invalid, except a meeting may be adjourned to a specific time by a majority vote of the governing body even though such majority vote is less than that required herein. However, a majority of the members of the city council, regardless of number, may fill any vacancy in the city council.
   B.   How Taken: A roll call vote shall be taken and recorded in the minutes for all ordinances, resolutions, and any action which would create a liability against the city and in any other case at the request of any member of the governing body by a "yes" or "no" vote. Every resolution or ordinance shall be in writing before the vote is taken.
   C.   Mayoral Voting: The mayor shall not vote except in cases of a tie vote of the city council. (Prior code § 2.04.040)