Upon full compliance with this section and any other section relating to specific licenses, the business license official shall issue or renew a license to the person making application for a license or a license renewal, respectively.
   A.   Application Form: All applications regarding a business license shall be submitted to the business license official. All applications shall be completed in full and shall include all required supporting documents and information.
   B.   Background And Fingerprints: All applicants who are required to provide a criminal history are required to provide it from the state of their current driver's license, state ID card or work visa.
   C.   Misrepresentation: It is unlawful to knowingly misrepresent a material fact in applying for a business license either orally or in writing. A violation of this section is grounds for refusing, revoking or suspending a license, and is a Class B misdemeanor.
   D.   Investigation: The business license official and/or authorized City staff may investigate or inspect any business for which a license is sought prior to issuance of a license. In the case of certain regulatory licenses, inspection may be required or enabled by other provisions of this title. If the investigation or inspection reveals any unlawful activity by the applicant, the license may be denied.
   E.   Fee: The applicant shall pay the fee, together with any required penalty, set for the license applied for, which fee shall be established by the City fee schedule.
   F.   Renewals: A business is responsible for renewing their business license no sooner than thirty (30) days and no later than the date of expiration.
   G.   Grounds For Denial: The grounds set forth elsewhere in this title for revocation of a license shall also be grounds for denial of a license in the first place. Specifically, no license shall be issued to a business violating, causing, or contributing to a violation of title 17 and section 16.26.040, "Parking Ratios", of this Code.
   H.   Other Requirements: Other provisions of this title may set forth additional requirements for issuance of certain regulatory licenses.
   I.   Certificates: A license certificate issued under the signature of the Mayor and Seal of the City shall be made available upon issuance of a license pursuant to this title.
   J.   Appeal To City Manager: Any person aggrieved by the action of the business license official shall have the right to appeal. The appeal shall be made in the same manner as provided in subsection 5.04.220B, "Appeal", of this chapter. (Ord. 2018-14, 7-17-2018)