A.   A person is not subject to the requirements of this chapter and is not required to obtain a license under this chapter to conduct a business if:
      1.   The receipts of the business, when conducted by a religious, charitable, fraternal, educational, military, or governmental organization, are appropriated for the purposes and objects for which such organization is formed, and no person directly or indirectly derives a profit therefrom; or
      2.   The business has a lack of contacts, i.e., no service is provided or product sold within the City more frequently than four (4) times a year; or
      3.   The business is specifically exempted from Municipal business licensing and fees by the laws of the United States or the State of Utah; or
      4.   The person is acting as a trustee, receiver, or other public officer pursuant to judicial order or supervision; or
      5.   The business is a fruit or vegetable stand that sells produce grown solely on the seller's property which is located in the City; or
      6.   The person conducting the business is under the age of eighteen (18) and is conducting the business as a part time hobby or occupation and is not engaged in such activities as the principal means of that person's support; or
      7.   The business consists of mere delivery in the City of goods or trade services purchased at a regular and licensed place of business outside the City, not including, however, mobile food vendor businesses; or
      8.   The business is an approved vendor at a City sponsored event; or
      9.   The business is a type of home occupation as described in chapter 5.38 of this title that does not require a license; or
      10.   The combined offsite impact of a home occupation business and the primary residential use does not materially exceed the offsite impact of the primary residential use alone as per section 10-1-203(7) of the Utah State Code.
   B.   Any person not required to obtain a license as provided in this section shall comply with all other requirements of this Code. (Ord. 2018-14, 7-17-2018)