4.01.010: PURPOSE:
The purpose of this title is to provide the framework for the operation of the city risk management program contained in the city "risk management policies and procedures" formulated and promulgated by the city manager or the city manager's designee. These policies and procedures are designed to:
   A.   Set forth the policy objectives of the city relating to risk management and to establish an orderly process and program for managing the risks of the city.
   B.   Establish, to the extent practical, a safe work environment in which employees of the city and members of the general public, exercising reasonable care, may use in safety and security.
   C.   Preserve the city financial and public service capabilities from serious loss, destruction or depletion.
   D.   Minimize the long term cost to the city of accidental losses and their consequences by providing for the identification, measurement, prevention and control of risks.
   E.   Create a system of internal procedures providing a continuing reassessment of exposure to loss, loss bearing capacity and available financial resources to protect against such losses. (Ord. 2004-04, 3-2-2004)