(A)   Generally. Any person convicted of a felony establishing a residence within or visiting the city shall, within hours, register with the Police Chief and supply him or her with the following information.
   (B)   Information.
      (1)   He or she shall give his or her true name, address of residence or place of visitation, and the name of the owner thereof.
      (2)   He or she shall give the date, place, and nature of his or her felony conviction and all prior felony convictions, if any, and also all names or aliases now used or assumed by him or her.
      (3)   He or she shall give his or her present place of employment or his or her occupation and shall also give his or her age, weight, and height. If required, he or she shall submit to fingerprinting for the record.
      (4)   After the registration, if the person registering changes his or her residence address or place of visitation, he or she shall, within 24 hours, notify the Police Chief of the change.
(1993 Code, § 72.02) Penalty, see § 133.99